Planning and buying


We start with the product. Is it right for Australian and New Zealand? Who are the competition and will it sell? If so, during which season and to whom?

We understand your objectives, the ROI you need to achieve and the audience you want to reach.

We create a plan that will resonate in this market and can include all media disciplines including TV, radio, local and national press, magazines, OOH, programmatic, online, PPC, native and data-driven campaigns.

We can work with our partner PR, influencers and events agencies ensuring we have an integrated approach when planning brand or product launches in this territory.

We pride ourselves on our extensive connections and relationships we have with both local and international media companies. We’re told repeatedly that we are ‘ahead of the game’ and always ensure our experienced team create marketing strategies that deliver exceptional ROI results.



We are on hand to create beautiful material as well as amend and localise UK creative. Our currency, laws, product and postal requirements are all different. Our competitions are regulated by state and we wear ‘long pants’ and not trousers! We are here to ensure all your creative is localised and relevant.

Implementation and management


Our Implementation Team manage everything in this time zone so you don’t have to. We ensure your campaign goes according to plan and that any hiccups are dealt with before you wake in the morning.

We arrange printers, repro houses and distribution of inserts, creative and products to the many distribution centres in both Australia and New Zealand. Radio creative, shoots, TV production and even customs clearance of samples – whatever it might be, we are your team on the ground.

We are an extension to your UK Marketing team

With over 30 years’ experience in media and marketing in the UK and Australia, ClubQT understands the dynamics of achieving success in both markets. We appreciate the issues of seasonal stock, promotions and time differences. We suggest solutions that will work for you – and your customers. We strive to provide you with a level of service and expertise you would expect from anyone within your organisation. We are a localised extension of your marketing team.