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As the competitiveness of overseas e-commerce increases, the key to success for many companies will be to have an on the ground team that understands the market dynamics and can implement and support marketing plans at a local level. ClubQT is a boutique advertising and marketing agency primarily working with UK companies planning to launch their brands in Australia and New Zealand.

With over 30 years’ experience in all three countries, no one knows better how to maximise market penetration, create an effective e-commerce footprint, build awareness and deliver a robust ROI. Whatever your objectives, we have the key insights and local knowledge to deliver unbeatable results quickly and cost-efficiently. We understand our clients’ needs, the importance of a good working relationship with our partners and that a deadline is a deadline!

What we do


The ClubQT team are your on-the-ground experts. Our role is to work with you to ensure your marketing campaigns in Australia and New Zealand are the best they can be.

To our clients we’re an indispensable extension to their local marketing activity. That’s why they stay with us for years and recommend us to other companies. Many even take us with them when they move jobs.

We provide vital local insights and knowledge from the planning stage, through to launch and beyond. We have years of expertise across all media including TV, radio, online, OOH, social, local and national press, magazines, DM, mobile, programmatic and data driven campaigns. We work with market-leading bloggers, event specialist, to pull together fully integrated campaigns using the right combination of resources for your audience.

Give us your marketing challenge, and let us find the solution.

How we do it


Before we start, we need a full brief on what you want to achieve in this market – your objectives and your KPIs as well as your budget! If you have run successful campaigns in your local market, we look to see if it is possible to customise and refine them so they work in this market too.


This is the fun bit! We put together a detailed plan of recommended activity to deliver on your agreed marketing strategy. We consider your time, assets and resources to ensure it’s achievable from your end, as well as ours. We agree KPIs and expectations for the activity we are recommending.


We have trading agreements with publishers, digital publishers, DSPs, TV networks, radio networks, OOH suppliers, DM and data companies and printers among others. We work to not only get the best rates for our clients, but also added value in the form of PR coverage, research and performance data. We ensure that every single dollar you spend in this market works to an optimum ROI.

Across all media

We work across all disciplines including: TV, radio, local and national press, magazines, OOH, digital, programmatic (native and display), performance, DM, and inserts, sponsorships and partnerships.

Local Knowledge

You may think we speak the same language in Australia and New Zealand, but you’ll be amazed at how many subtle (and not so subtle!) differences there are. You probably already realise that trousers are ‘pants’ and flip flops are ‘thongs’, but there is a cultural and linguistic minefield to navigate to ensure you’re engaging properly with your customers.


We report on trends and the latest marketing, audience and e-commerce research. We keep you up to date by reporting on the news that’s useful to you.

For example, did you know that only 30 per cent of Aussie women own a raincoat? Or that we take ‘layering’ to a whole new level? Or that Married At First Sight got bigger ratings than The Voice?


With over 30 years experience in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, we know how things work and why. We know when to launch your campaigns – you may know that in the summer we are at the beach, but did you know that TV Ratings are not measured TV for 10 weeks over the summer period?

Our Team

Meet Mandy Sigaloff

Founder and Director

Mandy has worked for over 30 years in media and marketing covering almost all media disciplines, and has held positions in multi-national media companies, and small private equity e-commerce start ups.

Mandy had a two- year work secondment from the UK to Australia in 1998-2000 and returned in 2009. She is now a fully-fledged Australian.

Mandy loves a challenge and specialises in marketing strategy and media planning. Mandy launched ClubQT in 2011, is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and sat on the Board of Trilogy International for five years. She is currently an Independent Board Director of the not-for-profit organisation Heads Over Heels.

Mandy has two boys, a cat called Tiger and a dog called Kirby.


Meet Sarah Krapf

Account Manager

Sarah started her career in telecommunications in Sydney before moving to London. After a couple of years, the US beckoned, where she worked in Boston and New York as an IT consultant.

On her return to Australia, she completed her Masters in Public Health and embarked on a career in cancer research. Sarah joined ClubQT in 2014 putting her analytical and organisational skills to good use. She is super organised and manages every detail of our client campaigns.

Sarah has three boys, scores for cricket matches at the weekend and has a cat called Nike.


Meet Lindsay Gough

Creative Director

Lindsay has a Bachelor Of Visual Communications (design) and started her career in design agencies before moving to magazines. Lindsay has Art Directed across many magazines at both Bauer Publishing and Pacific Publishing including Cleo, Wedding Planner, Grazia Middle East and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Lindsay is a crucial member of the ClubQT team and works on EVERYTHING, including Bus templates, OOH specifications, Exhibition design, Email marketing, Australia compliant DM campaigns, re-sizing creative, and creating new creative for the Australian Market. She has a little boy and is often working UK hours after bedtime.


Meet Lynleigh McPherson

Founder of The Connected Curator

Lynleigh has over 17 years experience in creating immersive event experiences in Australia. As ClubQT’s Events Curator, Lynleigh works with us to develop creative solutions that focus on your business objectives in line with your brand outcomes and goals. Though the development of original, innovative and authentic events we can ensure you create meaningful connections, longevity and a strong legacy for your brand in Australia.

Adding an event to your Marketing Strategy increases brand awareness, generates content which becomes a currency for social communication, and sparks a real connection to build relationships with your targeted audience.

Lynleigh’s experience and knowledge enables her to handpick a collection of suppliers, to bring the best possible collective specialists and expertise to create a truly tailored experience.


Meet Kim Westwood

Founder and CEO of Shopping Links

If Bloggers and influencers are part of your Marketing Strategy, then a partnership with Shopping Links will get you up and running within days. We provide recommendations of Bloggers & Influencers in this market that compliment your brand, who talk to your customers and will influence purchase. The Shopping Links platform provides the technology to track and view all media posted by your chosen creators in one place. With Industry-leading results tracking and conversion metrics through transparent campaign results and performance data you can see exactly how well each post has been received and how much revenue it has generated. By including Shopping Links in your marketing plan all Blogger and Influencer activity is accountable and trackable against your KPI’s for each campaign.


Meet Ruth Devine


Ruth Devine is an award-winning journalist, editor and copywriter with more than 25 years of experience in both the UK and Australia.

Her career has seen her work across all kinds of print and digital media for everyone from boutique content agencies to global publishing houses.

Ruth has three teenage boys, a constantly empty fridge and pantry, and a sanity-saving kelpie called Monty.


We are an extension to your UK Marketing team

With over 30 years’ experience in media and marketing in the UK and Australia, ClubQT understands the dynamics of achieving success in both markets. We appreciate the issues of seasonal stock, promotions and time differences. We suggest solutions that will work for you – and your customers. We strive to provide you with a level of service and expertise you would expect from anyone within your organisation. We are a localised extension of your marketing team.