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With the help of our International Fashion Journalists, a visit to ClubQT will bring you the best buys from UK, Europe, USA and Australia without having to get on a plane!

We can't bring you Tea at the Ritz, a swim at Bondi Beach or a 5th Avenue manicure, but we can bring you the fashion news, trends and the shopping experience from some of the greatest cities on this planet!

Plus, you don't even have to carry your shopping bags, your clothes will be delivered to your door within days of purchase.

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After all that talk about shopping, we couldn't leave you with nowhere to shop - here are a few of our favorite retailers. Oliver Bonas Ltd
NB. Prices may be in local currencies, you can check the exchange rates at http://tiny.cc/hhfhe Use this as a guide but check with your bank or credit card as rates do vary.